Why Gelato Is Good For You!

Lemon Gelato


The ingredients used to make gelato – water, milk, eggs, cream, sugar, cocoa, fruit, nuts and more – determine its high nutritional value. Those ingredients provide proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, making gelato a wholesome food.

Milk provides high-quality proteins and calcium; lactose and saccharose, the sugars used in gelato, provide a good source of energy, as do fats. Gelato also contains vitamins A and B2, as well as phosphorus.

Gelato has a better nutritional intake than a sandwich (hint for what to eat on your next lunch break).

There are important differences between industrial-made ice-cream and fresh, artisan gelato: artisan gelato has less fat and contains less air than ice-cream and is served at a higher temperature. These factors give artisan gelato its richer taste. Artisan gelato offers a wider variety of flavors than ice-cream; it is made with fresh ingredients in smaller quantities, and never contains the long-life ingredients that ice-cream, produced in large quantities, employs.

So, next time you eat gelato, don’t feel guilty – gelato is good for you!